Get Sassy Beauty Supply is a beauty supply store that is unique in service, where we acknowledge, respect, and accept all. We strive to carry and deliver the best products to our customers with premium service and personal consultation


Core Values

  1. Knowledgeable of products and haircare techniques and treatment.
  2. Resourceful We promote other business and community events
  3. Personable Open and excited to assist with personal consultations to help our customers find what they are looking for
  4. Dedicated to providing the best service and customer satisfaction
  5. Reliable We pride ourselves on being the go to beauty supply for the industries leading haircare products and styles. Looking to achieve a particular look, count on us to point you in the right direction.

As far as we here at Lo-Lo’s are concerned, it doesn’t matter because one just ain’t the same without the other.

Our obsession with creating the juiciest, most flavorful fried chicken and the fluffiest, most melt-in- your-mouth waffles has, in turn, created something of an underground soul food revolution – one that’s slowly spreading downright deliciousness across the country.