The Glam Shop

The Glam Shop

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The Glam Shop is chic salon that is located in the heart of Atlanta Georgia that specializes in extentions,makeup and natural hair.

Decatur, GA native Modern Women is the personification of overcoming obstacles to remain focused on a goal – and her success can be an example of what’s possible for the modern day “young women on the rise.”

Raised by her parents, had her first child at the age of 15 and dropped out of high school at the age of 16. Needing money to provide for her daughter she found a job at South Dekalb Mall as a makeup artist.  

She realized that she enjoyed the job,  and was extremely talented. After securing her GED at age 18, she tried launching her own makeup line – without success. 

She could have easily given up at this point, but she kept pressing forward.  She later met and married  and had another child, a son

In 2010, She decided to open her first hair salon, THE GLAMSHOP and has since opened several locations throughout metro Atlanta.

At the urging of her husband, She launched her cosmetic line once again – and this time it ended up becoming a huge success.

“Sierra’s Secrets Cosmetics” features quality products made for any and everyone to enjoy.  In addition to her business success, She would like to become an advocate for teen moms and youth experiencing difficulties in their lives.

She would like to use her story as an example of never giving up and mentor those who might find themselves in a position that she was in only a few years ago.