Sugar Daddy’s

Sugar Daddy’s

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We are a fresh, urban eatery located in Newark , NJ. We are a local restaurant offering a wide range of dishes for everyone. Some would call us a breakfast restaurant, others a brunch restaurant, we’ve even been called a lunch restaurant and a dinner restaurant. We like to classify ourselves as a top rated restaurant that serves delicious plate options. If you’re in the Newark area looking for an affordable restaurant then stop on by and try our shrimp and grits while you’re at it!


X Breakfast Restaurant
X Brunch Restaurant
X Lunch Restaurant
X Dinner Restaurant
X Top Rates Restaurant
X Affordable Restaurant
X Local Restaurant

We offer quality, fresh ingredients with every plate, and amazing dishes for you to chose from. Looking for a bruch restaurant in Newark, NJ? what about a top rated restaurant in Newark, NJ? come check us out. Looking for a breakfast restaurant that delivers? Contact us to see what the wait line is or to place a pick up order.