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Punch Fitness Center

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History projects from intricate designs chiseled into the buildings. Filled with a soul you can only understand through a walk through the streets, Harlem is recognized as a center of culture and growth. Implementing powerful aspects of culture within our training, it only seems fitting that PUNCH Fitness Center become part of the rediscovery of Harlem.

PUNCH Classes

PUNCH FORCE: Action. Speed. Agility. The evolution of a exercise developed by Punch, which engages every single angle of movement, starting from your core. This is an intense exercise that builds a solid core that activates all muscles. Every second is intense cardio and muscle training using a jump rope, our Curve treadmill, Jacobs Ladder and Muay Thai. We include kicking, and punching techniques which build self confidence, strength and focus. To believe, you must do it.

LENGTH OPTIONS: 60 minute sessions.

PUNCH Private

The majority of our clientele prefer their work-outs tailored. Twelve personal Sokumasters, all share the same expertise. Each offers a cultural experience. The atmosphere lifts your spirit, ignites all your desires, and your Sokumasters are responsible to take you through it all. You will see yourself surpass every challenge with a method tailored each session for you. LENGTH OPTIONS: 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.


LENGTH OPTIONS: 45 minute sessions.

TWICE A WEEK: our staff will reserve a recurring schedule for your preferred days and times. Becoming a part of PUNCH is a promise to yourself; this is the first and only step you to make for You. This schedule can be altered whenever you require.

GLOVES & WRAPS: on sale on premises. House gloves and wraps are provided during your first session, and whenever you require.

TECHNOLOGY The finest foundation can only be completed using the finest tools. From the highest-end equipment, to advanced technological tracking tools, PUNCH Fitness Center offers the finest quality of tools for your training.