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Calabash Teahouse & Cafe

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The seed for Calabash was planted two doors from the world famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY with the opening of ‘Pyramid Tea & Herbal’ in 1976. As the counter help at Pyramid, her parent’s healthfood shop & juice bar, Sunyatta trained as a 5th generation master herbalist and later as a Naturopath – learning the medicinal value of global teas, foods & spices. Since being able to peek over the shop counter, she has served NYC residents alongside health-seeking celebrities. For many decades Sunyatta accompanied her Syrian-Jamaican/Cuban family on spice buying adventures, while daydreaming of outfitting Pyramid with the fabrics & decor of these exotic destinations.

Slipping ‘green cuisine’ out of Birkenstocks and sliding it into stilettos offers aphrodisiac philters such as ‘Love Potion #10 Chai’, ‘Mighty Mandingo Chai’, ‘All Night Long’ (Passionfruit Ginseng Green Tea) alongside ancient herbal elixirs like ‘Rescue Me’ (Flu & Cold Brew), ‘Goddess Kali’s Hibiscus Healer (Blood Cleanser)’ and Yoni-Verse (Womb Wellness Tea).

The majority of our 100 tea & coffee blends and vittles are rooted in our grandmothers’ time-tested recipes – especially the aphrodisiac concoctions. Hey, why should naughty congressmen have all the fun in DC?

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